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Power & Controls Engineering Ltd is a consulting engineering firm specializing in mission critical power systems, Power Quality, Controls and Instrumentation, and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Services include: Studies, Design, Inspection, Testing, Commissioning, Training and Start-up, Performance verification, Operation and Maintenance programs and Manuals, Failure investigation and analysis, Project management.

Mission critical operations include: Computer rooms, Clean rooms, Call centers, Data centers, Control centers, TV and Radio installations, Communication centers, Airport systems, Water and Sewage control systems.

Our Company

Power & Controls Engineering Ltd. (PCEL) was founded in 1998. PCEL is now one of the leading consulting engineering firms specializing in mission critical power systems and power quality for data centers and computer rooms.
PCEL has built a reputation for innovative and cost effective engineering in power, lighting, power quality and controls. Engineering is based on hands-on approach and maximizing all the latest reliable technology available.  By this approach, we achieve high reliability and power quality, cost effective design including energy management and conservation. The environment and building conservation is a key factor in the design.

Our Business Philosophy

To provide high quality practical innovative engineering that exceeds our clients expectations.

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